Monday, May 7, 2012

Freash, Gluten Free Bread Now Available from Three Sisters Artisan Bakery.
 Three Sisters Bakery is a home based bakery (certified) in Mocksville and makes 5 different kinds of fresh gluten free breads. They are sold at various farmer's markets and stores around the Triad- mostly Winston Salem, though they have just begun selling at the new Whole Foods store in Greensboro. 
Three Sisters also does custom gluten free cakes, gluten free macaroons, chocolate chip cookies and fruit and nut bars as well as granola. 
The Whole Foods in W-S carries a bit more variety (4 kinds of breads as well as the granola) and the Greensboro store carries 3 kinds of breads "French", Quinoa and Sesame Cheddar. In the Greensboro store, the breads are displayed on the shelves opposite the bakery counter where the other breads are- just to the left of the freezer case. The breads are fabulous when fresh (sometimes hard to tell they are GF!) and also refrigerate and freeze well. The Breads are delivered on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. There will be a free tasting tomorrow (TUESDAY May 8th) from 3:30-5:30pm at the Greensboro Whole Foods.
contact Three Sisters Artisan Bakery at:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chick-fil-A rolls out a new Gluten Free kid's meal

Special thanks to Mark Baldwin and the Kernersville NC Branch of Chick-fil-A for hosting us this week to try the new menu items! Let Chick-fil-A know what you think of the new menu items at or

I can rest easy that I now have another option for my three year old son's lunch or dinner on the go! This past week Chick-fil-a, the ever-popular creators of the boneless chicken breast sandwich, announced the launch of not only healthier options for children, but also gluten free grilled chicken nuggets made from a boneless, skinless chicken breast. At 80 calories per four count and only 1 gram of fat, this is by far one of the best fast food options out there for children with celiac disease. The chain will also be carrying Buddy fruits, the squeezable gluten free 100% pure fruit pouch in apple-cinnamon (my son LOVES these no mess- treats), as well as 1% milk, 100% apple juice, and lemonade as drink options for tots.
The gluten free options are part of a larger initiative to improve the quality and health of menu items provided to customers. Chick-fil-A boasts a complete shift away from trans fats in 2008, an across-the board reduction in sodium content including a 40% reduction in its char-grilled chicken fillet, 25% reduction in sodium in all breads, and 10% reduction in sodium in sauces and dressings offered. As a health care provider, I admire these efforts to improve the quality of on the go foods highly. Obesity is a growing concern among American children, as 1 in three are classified as overweight or obese- a startling statistic considering the elevated risks of heart disease, type two diabetes and cancers that come along with a diagnosis of obesity.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Making life easier...

As a the mom of a baby with celiac who is gluten intolerant herself, I've been trying to find a balance between cooking everything from scratch and the realities of life.  Here are a few of the places and things I've come to depend on.

Sandwich bread
Quick:  The Fresh Market now has Udi's in it's frozen section.  Earth Fare has a large selection of gluten free breads.  Sadly the cheapest loaf runs around $6
Cheap: has Gluten Free Pantry's Sandwich Bread for $23.46 for six boxes.  Since I can get  two loaves out of each box, it comes to about $3 a loaf after the other ingredients come into play.  Amazon has a lot of bulk, convenience gluten free items available on subscribe and save for much cheaper than I can find in town.

Quick:  Let's Dish provides a pretty large variety of gluten free meals.  After talking to the manager, I felt good about the lack of cross contamination possibilities.  Another great option is a night out.  All of the Quantance-Weaver restaurants (Lucky 32, Printworks, and Green Valley Grill) are very gluten friendly.  Apparently one of the owners is gluten intolerant, so they know their stuff!  For takeout, my standby is PF Changs (available through if you are too lazy to go grab it).
Cheap:  While most entrees are easy to convert to gluten free, I've been amazed at how easy and yummy risotto is.  Naturally gluten free, and, when paired with a gluten free Rotisserie chicken (Costco), it's a family favorite.

Quick:  Elizabeth's Pizza, Brixx, Donatos, and Mellow Mushroom all have gluten free pizza.  
Cheap:  Homemade crust and toppings using the mix of your choice.  My favorite lately is thin slices of zucchini topped with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

Quick:  Harris Teeter has tons of GF items available online for pickup in their Express Lane service
Not-Necessarily Cheap:  Deep Roots Market has great sales on many GF items.  Earth Fare does as well.

This just scratches the surface of my gluten free cheats.  Please leave a comment sharing your favorite.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gluten Free Cupcakes---That you don't have to bake yourself!

As a lazy mom, I have never baked a birthday cake.  I hated baking.  Seriously, hated it.

Then, in March, two days after tucking into a bakery-bought and gluten-full smash cake, my one year old was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Now to combat the additives, preservatives, and high prices of pre-packaged gluten free foods, I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

When you are baking, bread, crackers, granola bars, dog treats and cookies every week, it's hard to find the time to make treats for yourself.  So, imagine my excitement when, on a girl's night out, I came across Gluten Free cupcakes at Maxie B's.

There may have been a happy dance.  Just sayin.

Apparently, Maxie B's has a gluten free cupcake of some variety available every day.  They also will create gluten free cakes for you for just $10 more than typical cake prices.  I had them make a GF Key Lime Pie for my cousin with CD and it was amazing.

Since with any bakery cross contamination can be a concern, I e-mailed the owner for clarification of their policies.  Robin Davis's prompt response told me that they use special wash for their utensils and pans along with a dedicated gluten free mixer.   She did mention that the cakes are made in the same kitchen as regular baked goods and that may be a concern for those suffering airborne cross contamination.  She said they have not been told of any reactions so far.

While I can say my cousin had no reaction, I haven't given the cakes to my daughter yet as she is pre-verbal, and we just don't know how sensitive she is.   I'm assuming in a year or two she'll be eating them with abandon!

Happy eating!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gluten and Toddlers

At age one, my Nephew had surpassed my almost- two year old in weight, and looking at his skinny little body, people started to raise eyebrows: Did I feed him?

When asked at his 18- months appointment, our Pediatrician didn't seem concerned: "He's in the 75th percentile in height and head size, the 3rd percentile in weight- Some kids are just skinny."

When he hadn't gained weight at his two year appointment, and still no gains three months later, we decided to have further testing performed. Blood tests such as tGT (tissue transglutaminase), which tests for IgA antibody, when elevated suggest a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Sometimes, these blood tests can come back normal despite having the illness, especially if you have already placed your child on a gluten free or semi-gluten free diet. Try to have the testing done before switching your tots diet- this will help reduce the possibility of receiving a false negative. The gold Standard in diagnosis, of course, is small bowel biopsy that looks for flattening and thickening of the gut lining. This is an invasive procedure, something I do not necessarily want to put my under-weight two-year old through. I asked our Pediatrician if having such invasive testing is necessary. The quick answer is no. If you suspect your child may have gluten intolerance, blood testing is warranted, but if he or she responds positively to a gluten free diet, it's not necessary to have an invasive procedure performed. It is only if the diet seems not to help that your pediatrician may order follow up testing including but not limited to biopsy.
For now, blood testing will be enough, and we will keep him on a gluten free diet.
This however, is often easier said than done- Gluten, like too much Yo Gaba Gaba, is everywhere.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gluten Free Dining Out

Happy Holidays Gluten Free Greensboro! 'Tis the season- that it, the season for hectic schedules, holiday parties and dining out. The holidays can wreak havoc on any diet, but for allergen- sensitive individuals this time of year can be a nightmare. There is no 'cheating' in celiac disease, so I find the best way to safely navigate the holidays- especially if this is your first holiday living a Gluten-free lifestyle- it to be prepared.

Greensboro does have a variety of restaurants with Gluten-free menu options. OSI Restaurant partners- the parent Company to Outback Steakhouse and Carrabbas Italian Grill have made an excellent commitment to providing a large variety of delicious and gluten-free options, including deserts. Ask your hostess for a Gluten-free menu- there is no dusty black "allergy" binder to sift through as in some restaurants, an experience I have often found frustrating, and frankly, a little degrading. Most friends and family members are more than happy to select a restaurant from a list that is willing to accommodate your needs.

Miss Chinese food? PF Changs at the Shoppes on Friendly has a good variety of options and presents food in a discrete, yet very safe manner. Want Pasta? Olive Garden now provides a GF menu that includes penne pasta as an option. Many local Restaurateurs are more than happy to accommodate GF needs, even if it isn't advertised prominently on their menu. I recommend calling ahead- usually between 2 and 4pm is the best time to reach a knowledgeable individual, oftentimes the owner is even available, and can help to arrange a safe and delicious dining experience. If a restaurant isn't willing to accommodate my needs- I do not give them my patronage, but this has rarely been my experience with the Greensboro Restaurant scene.

In addition to dining out- there are many options for sweet treats, breads, and the like in Greensboro. Lindy's Bakery, if you have yet to try it, is an absolute must. The sweets are as delicious as Lindy is knowledgeable, and she is always trying new recipes! Cheesecakes by Alex, one of my favorites on Elm street, makes a delicious GF cheesecake, using almond as a substitute for the traditional graham cracker crust. He does need a few days notice to prepare your special treat, but I have never been disappointed in the quality or presentation of his art. If you are going to a family gathering or work function and aren't sure there will be GF options available, the best bet is to discuss the menu with your host and, if nothing else, offer to bring an item or two. Most individuals in the general public have no idea what Gluten is, more less how to avoid it, and they do not resent your input. Nothing is more embarrassing that hosting an event and having nothing to offer one of your guests!

Happy eating!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

GF Cheeseburger Soup

Thanks to A Year of Slow Cooking I ventured out to try a new recipe.  I got so brave that I actually changed it up a bit and made it my own.  Seriously, how can anything with a hunk of Velveeta not by tasty?!  And it proved my theory.  Delic! 

            Cheeseburger Soup
            1.5 lbs of ground beef
            15 oz of Velveeta 
                 (I went for the Mexicana – cube it)
            1 red bell pepper
            2 cups of frozen broccoli
            2 cups of chicken broth (gf of course!)
            1 cup of water
            1 cup of milk
            1 huge russet potato (1” cubes)

Brown the ground beef.  
Chop the bell pepper and potato.  Add the water and veggies to the pot.  Add the broth and water.  Add ground beef.  I cooked it on high for 5 hours.  30 minutes before you’re ready to eat, add the cubed Velveeta and milk.  Slowly stir it in. 

Like most things, this soup was even tastier the next day.  Enjoy!