Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chick-fil-A rolls out a new Gluten Free kid's meal

Special thanks to Mark Baldwin and the Kernersville NC Branch of Chick-fil-A for hosting us this week to try the new menu items! Let Chick-fil-A know what you think of the new menu items at or

I can rest easy that I now have another option for my three year old son's lunch or dinner on the go! This past week Chick-fil-a, the ever-popular creators of the boneless chicken breast sandwich, announced the launch of not only healthier options for children, but also gluten free grilled chicken nuggets made from a boneless, skinless chicken breast. At 80 calories per four count and only 1 gram of fat, this is by far one of the best fast food options out there for children with celiac disease. The chain will also be carrying Buddy fruits, the squeezable gluten free 100% pure fruit pouch in apple-cinnamon (my son LOVES these no mess- treats), as well as 1% milk, 100% apple juice, and lemonade as drink options for tots.
The gluten free options are part of a larger initiative to improve the quality and health of menu items provided to customers. Chick-fil-A boasts a complete shift away from trans fats in 2008, an across-the board reduction in sodium content including a 40% reduction in its char-grilled chicken fillet, 25% reduction in sodium in all breads, and 10% reduction in sodium in sauces and dressings offered. As a health care provider, I admire these efforts to improve the quality of on the go foods highly. Obesity is a growing concern among American children, as 1 in three are classified as overweight or obese- a startling statistic considering the elevated risks of heart disease, type two diabetes and cancers that come along with a diagnosis of obesity.

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