Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweat Treats in Gboro!

Funny story to share, okay it’s funny to me.  I was at a harvest festival snooping around when I come to a baked goods vendor.  Oh honeys these treats looked so good.  Fluffy.  Fresh.  Chocolatey.  And I visually enjoyed them.  Being the gluten free gal that I am, baked goods come from my kitchen or kitchens of close (and trusted) loved ones.  Seriously. 

So there I am, eyeing the goodies and the nice bakery lady asks, “would you like to try some chocolate chip pumpkin muffin?”

I reply, “no thanks I’m gluten free.”

She gets a huge grin on her face and says, “this is ALL gluten free!”

And I jumped up and down!

Lindy's Choco Pecan Pie
And that is when I met Lindy, the owner of Lindy’s Goodies.  Instant pals! I made my first purchase right on the spot.  I bought the most scrumptious Chunky Oat Bar, it was huge and worth every penny.  Now for those who are gluten free it can be very hard to find delicious pre-baked treats.  This is not where this happy story ends. 

Lindy's Pumpkin Muffs w/Choc Chips
This real life fairy tale 
continues, because Lindy’s Goodies is in GREENSBORO!  Ms.  Lindy is well educated in matters of Celiac and gluten intolerance.  She’s also well known for her gf cook books and cooking classes.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Lindy’s Goodies also has gf waffle cones for the Home Land Creamery ice cream they sell?  Waffle cones people!

Lindy and her hubby are working hard to make a go with their bakery on Spring Garden Street in Greensboro.  Please take the time to support this local shop that bakes to our special dietary needs!

Lindy's Goodies
GF Bakery and More!

2823 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC 27403
Phone: 336-790-0267

Check out Lindy’s blog

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Deb said...

That's amazing! I'll have to make a trip to Gboro ASAP. Thanks for the find!