Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zen Cat Bakery

There's a new baker in town (well, she's been around since the beginning of this year, but relatively new) and she's baking up something sweet and yummy for those of us that are gluten free! Some of the magical creations coming out of her kitchen are cookies, cupcakes, brownies, truffles (yes-I said truffles!), breads, and more, and EVERYTHING is gluten free. Zen Cat Bakery takes it a step further and bakes everything vegan too.

My absolute favorite treat of what few I've had the extreme pleasure of trying so far, is the "Oh Snap! Triple Ginger Cookie". It was the BEST ginger cookie I've ever had. Angie, owner of Zen Cat Bakery, explained that she not only uses crystallized ginger, but fresh ginger as well to bake these lovely treats. These cookies will melt in your mouth and ginger lovers will NOT be disappointed! I was also thrilled to try Zen Cat’s "Fig Cookie", which was phenomenal! (See those yummy looking treats in the picture above? Fig Cookies!) Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I've really craved fig cookies and Zen Cat Bakery's "Fig Cookie" is better than any fig cookie I’ve had in my life! Finally, I tried the "Pumpkin Bread", which was so moist and had such a perfect flavor. It's truly hard to believe that these treats are all gluten free AND vegan! You know how most GF baked goods taste like cardboard or turn into a rock within a day? Well, not Zen Cat Bakery's treats. She has some kind of moist magic working with all of the love she puts into her baked goods! Her tag line is perfect: Gluten Free + Vegan + All Love and when you try one of these treats, you’ll wonder how you’ve made it this long without having treated yourself!

Hopefully your mouth is watering by now and you’re wondering, ‘where can I get my hands on one of those Zen Cat Bakery treats?’ Zen Cat Bakery treats can be found in coffee shops, cafes, and markets around Greensboro (and further if you’re in Winston Salem, Archdale, or Mebane). Zen Cat Bakery’s website has a “where to find” section listing the names and addresses of where to find their yummy treats. Even better, if you become a fan of Zen Cat Bakery on Facebook, they post where, and what treats are being delivered each day delivery occurs. If you can’t find Zen Cat Bakery treats at your favorite locations now, just mention it to the business, visit Zen Cat Bakery’s website, and send Angie an email. She’ll definitely explore the opportunity! More demand created for gluten free and vegan deliciousness will create new opportunities, and hopefully, more options for safe eats!